Silver individual dance gift voucher
5 x 45 min

Silver individual dance gift voucher
5 x 45 min


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The silver dance class gift voucher is the perfect gift for dance enthusiasts of all levels, from beginners to experienced dancers. Unlike traditional gifts, it offers a lasting and memorable experience that will bring joy to the recipient for years to come.

At S&C Dance, we extend a warm welcome to individuals from all backgrounds who share a passion for dance. Our exceptional dance classes for adults are conducted at our wonderful studio located in the heart of the City of Dubai. Additionally, for those residing outside the city or around the world, we offer the option of online dance classes.

We take great pride in collaborating with outstanding dance instructors who possess the remarkable ability to tailor their teaching approach to each individual’s skill level, aspirations, and personality. They create a welcoming and non-judgmental atmosphere during our dance classes, catering specifically to adults.

By enrolling in five dance classes at S&C Dance, participants will:

  • Experience an exceptional dance environment in the heart of Dubai
  • Receive unparalleled dance instruction
  • Discover the joy of dancing or perfect their dance routines
  • Enjoy a relaxed and inclusive learning atmosphere designed for adults

How It Works

Purchase a silver dance class gift voucher for your chosen recipient. No advance booking is necessary, as it will be the recipient’s responsibility to contact us within seven months to redeem the voucher. We will then arrange the class at a mutually convenient time for both the recipient and the instructor. We welcome participants of all skill levels, from absolute beginners with no prior dance experience to advanced dancers.

Please keep in mind that once the voucher is purchased, it cannot be transferred to another individual. Refunds are only available within seven days of the purchase date.